Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to describe in a user-friendly way how we process cookies on our website and personal data related to visitors with respect and consideration.

We store as little of your personal data as possible. We do this by our choice and in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This practice applies to personal data collected on our website as well as any other personal data of our customers, potential customers and employees that we have collected for the purpose of conducting our business.


We collect anonymous web analytics data in order to offer you a better user experience and more functional content.

We use Google Analytics for tracking the behaviour of visitors on our website. We are not trying to hide this in any way: this is openly visible in our website source code, which you can view with the Developer Tools in Google Chrome. We do this in order to understand which types of content our website visitors consume and which they may not find interesting. We can, thereby, focus on creating more of the content that visitors consume and that serves user needs.

Google’s tracking tools do not provide us with any of your personal data. They provide us with valuable information on what our visitors have viewed without any indication of who is visiting our website. The same principle applies to the other tracking tools and cookies that we use. For example, we do not obtain our website visitors’ IP addresses.

If you accept all cookies, you give Kurikka Timber and the third-party services we use your consent relating to the collection of your data and using it for targeting ads. We use Google Ads for search engine marketing and remarketing. We may target ads and content you see based on your behaviour on our website.


We hope you fill in our contact form and/or job application form on our website. Naturally, by doing this, you will be sending us your information that you enter on the form. By submitting a form you give us the right to store the information you have given us as well as any additional information that you may give during further correspondence. Nevertheless, we only store the information necessary in relation to you and we delete all data once no longer need it. The EU GDPR allows you to do the following at any time and free of charge:

  • Ask which of your personal data we have on record.
  • Rectify any of your information that has changed.
  • Receive all of your personal data.
  • Restrict the use of your personal data we have on record.
  • The right to be forgotten, which means that we will erase all of your personal data we have on record.


The most convenient way to contact us concerning this is sending us an email to


If you represent a company, which is a current or potential customer of our company, we will enter your data into our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system so that we can contact you more easily. We may also add the personal data of some of your colleagues when it is provided to us if it benefits the business relationship between our companies. As our business relationship deepens, we may sign contracts and prepare other documents that include your name and any other necessary details. All personal data collected via this website is primarily stored in cloud services. All the services we use are GDPR compliant.


We follow the advances in data protection and data security and use solutions that are the safest and most appropriate for our needs. In case of a data breach, we will report the compromised personal data to the data subjects as soon as possible after detecting the breach, after which we will collaborate with the persons in question in order to minimise any harm resulting from the breach.


This Privacy Policy is updated from time to time. The updates may be related to changes in legislation or our introduction of a new service for processing personal data. If you find something in this Privacy Policy that you disagree with, we would be grateful if you contacted us. This way, we can ensure a good relationship with you based on trust.

Thank you for reading our Privacy Policy.