Apprenticeship training at Kurikka Timber

Did you know that you can complete a vocational qualification in the wood industry through an apprenticeship in our company? The training takes approximately two years, depending on your prior competence.

The apprenticeship may lead to employment with us, or you may use the apprenticeship to complete the vocational qualification after we have hired you. In either case, you can seek apprenticeship flexibly.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a more flexible way of training for a profession or completing a qualification compared to traditional studying. At the same time, you will gain valuable working experience and receive a full salary in line with the collective agreement!

An apprenticeship means learning on the job, i.e. doing work that supports the training goals. Of the work you do, at least 25 hours per week must support the training goals. If necessary, this is supplemented by studying online or at an educational institution. This means that part-time employees can also study through an apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship allows you to finish the studies you have previously started or obtain a certificate of your competence. It also provides a good way for career changers to learn a new profession on the job. Everyone aged 15 years or older can study through an apprenticeship.

Completing a vocational qualification through an apprenticeship is free for the student. The apprentice has the same rights and obligations as other employees. The apprentice is paid a salary according to the industry’s collective agreement. For example, they accrue normal annual holiday, and the apprentice is entitled to the same employee benefits as other employees. Since the apprenticeship is performed under an employment contract, the apprentice is not entitled to student benefits from Kela.

The employer shall ensure that the workplace can offer the apprentice versatile tasks, guidance and an opportunity to receive feedback and assessments. At the workplace, the apprentice shall be assigned a workplace trainer who, in practice, guides the work of the apprentice. The apprenticeship operator takes care of contractual matters and compensates the employer for the training, among other things. The educational institution is where on the job learning is supplemented. Typically, there are 1 to 4 such days per month, but their number varies according to qualification to be completed. The apprentice does not need to know in which educational institution they should apply. The educational institution selected for the apprentice is the one which is the most appropriate considering their training goals and, if possible, which is located near the apprentice’s place of residence or work.

When an apprentice begins their studies, a personal competence development plan is created. It considers prior studies or competence gained at work, among other things. It will serve as the basis for planning the studies. Therefore, the apprenticeships of two people aiming for the same qualification may differ in content and length.

What can you study through an apprenticeship?

In Finland, it is possible to complete a vocational upper secondary qualification as well as further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications through an apprenticeship. After completing a vocational upper secondary qualification through an apprenticeship, the student can apply for further studies, e.g. at a university of applied sciences. After completing the upper secondary qualification, the student can supplement their training with a specialist vocational qualification, for example.

The apprenticeship offered at Kurikka Timber is the vocational qualification in the wood industry, which is free for the employees.

Apprenticeship in collaboration with Gradia

In apprenticeships, Kurikka Timber collaborates with Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia. We have apprenticeship positions available for our current and new employees, but we do not require our personnel to complete a vocational qualification.

The first apprenticeships at Kurikka Timber will start in the school year 2022–2023. We are collecting feedback on the studies and will share our apprentices’ experiences as they go through their studies!

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