Working in Äänekoski – the city of many opportunities

Äänekoski is a modern, bustling industrial city of more than 18,000 people located at the southern end of lake Keitele – and just a stone’s throw from Jyväskylä. The good services, versatile cultural and sports activities, great network of schools and functional traffic connections make the city an attractive choice and a great place for a good life. The location next to the water gives the place a unique atmosphere, and nature is an important part of the city’s identity.

The future lives here.

Everything you need to know about Äänekoski

The beautiful lake scenery, diverse services and recreational opportunities make Äänekoski a comfortable place that attracts new residents.

Äänekoski is a forward-looking and open-minded little giant. The city is known as a pioneer in bio circular economy but also as a great place for families with children where no one is left alone. Äänekoski provides an opportunity to live on the shore of a lake but near good traffic connections. A section of the new Highway 4 was opened in the city already in 2019, which makes commuting and other transport easier. You can reach Jyväskylä by Highway 4 in half an hour, there is an airport nearby, and there are boating routes all the way to Lahti and central Savo.


Äänekoski is a great place for many hobbies and activities – the conditions are excellent and the prices are affordable. For families with children, there are lots of free activities, like the traffic park, and young people can borrow stand-up paddleboards for free. In addition, Äänekoski has a highly energy-efficient ice hockey rink, the Pankkari multi-purpose arena for playing basketball and floorball, and nine disc golf courses, one of which is a winter course. Last autumn, the city opened a new hall for playing football and doing track & field training. The great nature trails, lookout towers and lean-tos are available for everyone.

Äänekoski also offers a wide range of cultural activities. The city has various cultural events, such as art and music festivals as well as opera and theatre performances. Active local residents’ associations and the city’s cultural services organise different kinds of events year-round. The cultural offering also covers unique museums and exhibitions.


In Äänekoski, the services needed in everyday life can be found close to the people. The distances are short, and public transport between districts works smoothly. Here, you can find peaceful villages with a personality or new blocks of flats in the city centre. There is no need to look for the shore as you will find water wherever you go. The apartments and lots in Äänekoski are affordable, and the great location in Central Finland provides good access in all directions. Moving to Äänekoski will save fuel and time on your daily commute.

In Äänekoski, there is lots of industrial construction going on, but new residential areas are also constantly being developed. The newest of them is Kotakennäs, where the residents get to enjoy the stunning scenery of Lake Kuhnamo right near Highway 4. Fall in love with the atmosphere of the villages and districts in Äänekoski and find the right place for you! There are more than a thousand businesses operating in Äänekoski, and the region focuses on the development of business areas. “The future lives here” campaign encourages businesses to utilise the new business areas in Äänekoski, positioned ideally in relation to the flows of traffic along Highway 4.

There are large companies operating in Äänekoski, and companies of various industries have good and functional networks. The city is also investing in remote work opportunities by offering the free ÄäneHub workspace, among other things. The modern premises include free workstations in an open plan office, quiet workspaces and meeting rooms. ÄäneHub enables networking with other actors in the region and working without booking a workstation.

Äänekoski is attracting people with its beautiful lake scenery as well as the spirit of working together. The city is being developed together with its residents. The new “Äänekoski-ilmiö” website is a new way of implementing the city’s strategy by engaging municipal residents. It provides a platform for participation and making your voice heard in decision-making. You can also participate in the surveys and the development of the city through social media or the free Äänekoski mobile app, which also provides information on local services, events and other current news.

Kurikka Timber operates in Suolahti

Suolahti is a district of more than 4,500 people in Äänekoski, located some 10 km away from the city centre. Most of the industrial jobs in Äänekoski are in Suolahti.

Located on the shore of Lake Keitele, Suolahti offers good basic and well-being services, which makes it a great place for families with children as well. The new Suolahti School building was completed in 2019, and it houses grades 1 to 9 in one building. Next to the school, there is a great indoor swimming pool and a brand new ice hockey arena. And you cannot forget Suolahti’s beautiful natural environments that are great for, say, jogging, disc golf or cross-country skiing.

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