Finger-jointed wood components and glulam scantlings

We produce high-quality and durable finger-jointed wood components and glulam scantlings for the construction carpentry industry. Our raw material is Finnish pinewood, which is produced sustainably and fits for many usages.

High-quality finger-jointed wood components

Kurikka Timber’s finger-jointed wood components are made from high-quality Finnish pinewood. All of our end-products are customized to meet each customer’s needs. We guarantee standardized quality with continuous grain structure.

End-uses of finger-jointed wood components

  • Window scantlings, frames and beams
  • Door scantlings and frames, beams, rails and sills
  • Timber mouldings, skirting boards, furniture industry
  • Stud wall frames
Finnish pinewood is a versatile material that suits multiple usages. It can be used in shape-retaining whole-wood scantlings as well as finger-jointed wood components and glulam scantlings. 

Our selection of finger-jointed wood components includes

  • Flawless
  • Knotless
  • Healthy-knotted

Find below our quality promise.

Durable glulam scantlings

Kurikka Timber’s precisely tailored and high-quality glulam scantlings are of the best in Europe. At the beginning of the production process, we use the industry’s newest scanner technique together with our expertise to classify the wood properties. In addition, our material, high-class Finnish pinewood, guarantees quality that is strong and doesn’t bend over time.

End-uses of glulam scantlings

  • Window scantlings, frames and beams
  • Door scantlings, frames and beams
  • Stairs and other indoor carpentry

We produce the timber components always according to our customer’s unique requirements, including

  • The quality of visible and hidden surfaces
  • Dimension, length
  • Butt joints’ size
  • Finger length
  • Heartwood proportion

A detailed product card is made for each product to ensure every person involved in the production process is aware of the quality criteria of the specific product.

Our selection of glulam scantlings includes

  • Rectangular and L-shaped profiles
  • Flawless
  • Knotless
  • Healthy-knotted

Our quality promise

  • We are specialized in producing customized products for our customers, and we ensure high quality at each step of the process.
  • We use choice Finnish pinewood as our only raw material, which is tightly grained, strong and of consistent quality.
  • Raw material suppliers, purchase areas and qualifications are tailored together with the best professionals in the sawmill industry.
  • All of our raw material is scanned by using modern technology to ensure the best possible quality according to our customer’s requirements.
  • To assure consistent quality, all Kurikka Timber’s products undergo 50-100 checkpoints.
  • Our products are FSC-, PEFC-, NCS- and RISE-certified.
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