Green values and sustainability

Environmental responsibility

We care about environmental responsibility, and our operations have received FSC and PEFC certifications. The manufacture of wood products generates a relatively low amount of CO2 emissions.

Wood stores many times the amount of CO2 released during the manufacture of wood products. When wood products are converted into energy after use, they release no more CO2  than what was stored by the wood during its growth.

We have a high energy self-sufficiency rate. We are able to utilise all of the wood. The by-products of our manufacturing process, wood chips and sawdust, are burned at our thermal plant, and some is distributed to other thermal plants.

We also compress wood chips and sawdust into pellets that we sell to companies as well as private consumers.


Northern wood as a material


We use Finnish pinewood in our production. Pine trees need lots of light, and they also thrive in rough areas, resulting in dense, strong wood with a consistent quality. Soil, growth period length, temperature and geographical location all impact the properties of pinewood. When pine trees grow in their natural habitat, this results in good quality wood, whose properties are well suited for a range of different applications and provide various functional benefits for the end users of wood products.

Finnish pinewood is an excellent raw material for the window industry. It can be used in all-wood scantlings that retain their shape as well as in finger-jointed and glulam scantlings. Dense wood is great for making scantlings and profiles for each individual window manufacturer’s needs.

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